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What Type of Work Can a Handyman Do Legally?

A handyman can quickly become a homeowner’s best friend when it’s time to repair and maintain their home. However, many Folsom, CA, residents don’t know what services a handyman can perform lawfully. So, what type of work can a handyman do legally?

To answer this question and more, Go Pro Handyman Services put together a short guide explaining what services a handyman can complete without stepping outside of the law.

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What Is a Handyman?

Think of professional handymen as a jack of all trades, generally handling various residential and commercial repairs, renovations, and maintenance tasks. They meet local and state law requirements and restore broken elements of a home, clean interior and exterior spaces, make minor renovations, and more to help Folsom residents improve their properties. However, handymen don’t have free reign over every home improvement project and must stay within regulations to avoid legal issues.

Although handymen have licenses that allow them to perform numerous projects, they can’t complete specific tasks. California’s licensing laws prohibit handymen from expansive projects like electrical rewiring unless they have the required license. They specialize in minor repairs and renovations that don’t mandate specific licensing requirements.

Major repair, installation, and remodeling projects typically require a licensed general contractor. Although some handymen have additional licenses that enable them to perform more extensive tasks, most restrict their services to smaller assignments.

However, the question remains, what type of work can a handyman do legally?

What Type of Work Can a Handyman Do Legally?

Understanding what services a handyman provides will help you find the best person for your next home improvement project. Below we list just some of the services handymen can complete legally.

General Repair and Maintenance

Many homeowners hire a handyman to complete general repairs and maintenance projects. They fix doors, drywall, floors, decks, and other residential features that hinder a property’s appearance. In addition, handymen can patch holes, replace broken deck boards, and fix minor leaks before they become significant problems.

Handymen can also handle various maintenance tasks like painting interior walls and assembling furniture. Many offer landscaping and gardening services, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor projects. Other handyman services include the following:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Trim work
  • Furniture assembly
  • Caulk application
  • Grout removal
  • And more

However, handymen can’t carry out large renovation tasks that change your residence’s structure or layout. They can’t tear down walls, replace roofs, or add new rooms to your home without the correct certifications.

Plumbing Fixture Installation and Leak Repair

Although handymen can’t completely remodel your bathroom in California, they can install common plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks. They can replace outdated faucets and showerheads with new and improved models that enhance your bathroom’s appearance and functionality.

Handymen can also fix most residential pipe leaks. They can help you uncover the source of the leak and patch it before it worsens.

However, handymen can’t handle significant plumbing projects like drain line replacement or septic tank installation. Major plumbing projects prove incredibly complicated and can pose a safety hazard if done incorrectly. Hiring a professional plumbing company for large projects like sewer line repair or complete bathroom remodeling makes the best choice.

Landscaping and Gardening

Again, many handymen offer landscaping services to homeowners struggling to maintain their property’s exterior. They can mow your lawn, pick up leaves, and trim bushes to enhance your home’s curbside appeal. Many elderly and disabled homeowners hire a handyman to perform various landscaping tasks they can’t complete efficiently.

Handymen can also tend to a garden when you need a helping hand. They will help plant, water, and fertilize crops while you stay busy with work or family activities. Handymen can handle most gardening tasks and even help you create a garden from scratch for a modest fee.

However, handymen can’t top or remove trees like licensed arborists. These projects require extensive training and specific tools to complete safely and effectively. They are also very dangerous and can cause severe injuries and property damage if the handyman doesn’t perform the process correctly.

Always leave dangerous and complex landscaping tasks to a professional arborist to ensure a safe and effective process.

Smart Home Device Set Up

Although handymen can’t perform complicated electrical tasks, they can handle minor projects like setting up smart home devices. Handymen can mount smart thermostats and doorbell cameras throughout your home without issue. With digital devices becoming more complex to initiate, hiring a professional handyperson offers a terrific way to equip your home with smart appliances without frustrating set-up procedures.

It’s important to note that smart device setup doesn’t require vast electrical knowledge like rewiring a home or installing a home security system. These projects surpass most handymen’s skill sets and require experienced electricians to complete. Unless your handyman’s license qualifies them for extensive electrical projects, leave major electrical work for seasoned electricians.

The Go Pro Handyman Services team consists of several experienced handymen and general contractors that will help you with various home improvement projects that enhance your home’s appearance, integrity, lifespan, and more.

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