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An Easy process to give you a seamless experience for your Caulking project

Designed with you in mind, our process will make sure you have an excellent experience for your project.

1. Initial Phone Call

Fill out the quote form or give us a call to schedule a consultation. Please send photos of your existing space before the call so we can see what you see

2. Schedule Your Caulking Project

On our scheduled call we will go through a series of questions about your Caulking project and you will get a quote.

3. We get started!

Once the proposal is signed and the proposal is sent in, we begin transforming your home. You will share your vision and be updated every step of the way. 

Caulking Services in Folsom

Call our experts at (916) 668-5318 to professionally seal your home’s cracks today.

Your home’s bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor features see their share of wear and tear with years of use. When that happens, the old caulk in those rooms wears down and creates small gaps that lead to water damage and high humidity throughout your home.

Go Pro Handyman Services offers extensive interior and exterior caulking services that fill your doors, windows, and interior surfaces with new caulk that lasts for years.

Expert Caulking from a Qualified Handyman

No residential caulking job is too big or small for our home improvement experts. In just one appointment, we’ll spot all your internal and external fixtures that need new caulking and seal them shut.

Interior Caulking

Bathtub caulking

Our bathtub and shower caulking seal the gaps between your tub, walls, and floor so that no moisture leaks into your home's frame and causes irreparable damage.

Sink caulking

Replacing the worn-down caulk on your sink keeps dirt, grout, and mold from forming in its tiny crevices, and our team will keep those imperfections out of your bathroom.

Caulking for residential and commercial kitchens

Bathroom caulking isn't the only home sealing service we offer. While our experts work on your interior caulking project, we'll seal whatever gaps have formed in your kitchen to keep mold off the surfaces holding your food.

Exterior Caulking

Window caulking

Windows and window frames with worn-down caulk will allow moisture into your home that wears down the drywall and requires extensive repairs. That's why our residential caulking service includes attention for your windows to ensure you avoid that costly outcome.

Door caulking

A door without caulk will allow inclement weather into your home, but our professional caulking experts will fill your doors' gaps and protect you from the poor climate.

Patio caulking

Concrete patios with cracks quickly turn from a relaxing destination to a safety hazard. However, new caulk will fill those gaps and keep your outdoor living areas risk-free.

Benefits of Professional Residential Caulking Services

Guaranteed Fixes

You’ll find caulk at any home improvement store, but without experience using it or finding weak points, you’ll struggle to properly patch all of your home’s gaps. With professional caulking from Go Pro Handyman Services, you’ll never have to worry about a subpar finished product.

Lower Utility Bills

Extreme temperatures will sneak into your living space without proper sealing throughout your home and require an extensive heater and AC usage. However, with new caulking, you can avoid those drawbacks and keep your utility bills manageable.

Cleaner Air

Dirt and dust can also sneak through a door and window with worn-down caulk, but our team will keep those elements out and your air breathable.

Call Go Pro Handyman Services for the Best Professional Residential Caulking

Look no further than Go Pro Handyman Services for the best professional caulking services. Our team will keep your home sealed tight with just one appointment.

Call our team at (916) 668-5318 to receive an estimate or learn more about our caulking services.

Shower And Tub Caulking

Contact our handymen for shower and tub caulking today. Free estimates. 5-Star Rated. Licensed and Insured handyman service. Trusted and dependable.

Service Type: Shower And Tub Caulking

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